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In America, China, Europe or Japan… who hasn’t seen one of his shows?


Designer, Scenographer, and Director Yves Pépin has traveled across the globe and gained recognition from international professionals as one of the world’s greatest creators of shows and events.


His entire career was crowned in Los Angeles by the prestigious « TEA Thea Award Lifetime Achievement Award ». His blazing Eiffel Tower for the Millennium celebrations left a lasting impression, as did his contribution to the Beijing Olympic Games Ceremonies, not to mention his grand shows as part of the World Expos and Theme Parks such as Disney, Universal,  Futuroscope and The Puy du Fou.

Within the framework of the company ECA2 which he founded in 1974, and over the last ten years working as an independent, Yves Pepin’s goal has remained unchanged :

bring dreams to life, take the public on a journey through fantastic stories and breathtaking surroundings.

To this end he has created new tools for expression over the years, with the projection of images on water screens, the use of  fire choreography,  monumental projection and the development of giant inflatable structures - storytelling, catching audiences off guard, and leaving them dumbstruck with innovations that have been recognized by as many international awards.

Yves Pépin has always been dedicated to using the most advanced technologies to meet the requirements of demanding content and enhance cultural dimensions that are sometimes lost :

In Mexico it meant returning to  the roots of the Totonaca civilisation, recreating traditional Vedic tales in India, working with Literary Nobel Prize winner Wole Soyinka in Nigeria, collaborating with the Filmmaker Zhang Yimou in Beijing …

Yves Pépin’s monumental scale accomplishments (several were broadcast worldwide), and those destined for more intimate audiences have all impressed their spectators with the excellence of their content and their symbolic value.


For many years Yves Pépin has been deepening his collaborations with music and musicians, as the series of concerts staging Jeff Mills and Orchestre National du Capitole. He has also brought his expertise as consultant for theme parks - as Universal Studios in US, Futuroscope or Parc Asterix in France - and for international institutions as Olympic International Committee.

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